FAQ Frequently asked questions.

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  • Does IT Doctors fix any Windows Machine?

    Yes, IT Doctors works on PCs. We can fix just about anything, from screen repairs to keyboards to upgrading memory, replacing a hard drive, virus or spyware removal, recovery, software and more.
  • Can You Help Setup My Printer? What About Other Devices

    Yes. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot and diagnose printer connectivity issues. We also can help you setup other devices such as iPods, iPads, webcams, and any other peripherals.
  • Do You Guarantee Your Work

    Yes. IT Doctors stands behind all of our work. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of warm, personal service and customer satisfaction. We completely understand the importance of properly working technology in everyday business and personal life, and how critical “healthy technology” is to your day.
  • Are All Of Your Technicians Qualified To Repair Computers

    Yes. IT Doctors’ repair technicians are expertly trained, most with more than 10 years experience in computer repairs and maintenance. We serve a number of private and business customers across South and Central Florida.
  • Can I Connect All Of The Computers In My Home To The Internet

    Yes. IT Doctors can configure all of the computers in your home for internet access, set up a wireless network and/or connect to your printer/s.
  • How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Computer?

    Every client’s situation is unique, but IT Doctors’ approach is always the same: provide you with the most cost-effective solution and exceptional repair service. We also offer maintenance plans and discounts for certain services, just ask us.
  • What Brands Of Computers Do You Service?

    IT Doctors works on all types of computers, PC or Mac, even custom-built. We are proud to be a member of the Apple Consultants Network, a Microsoft Certified Consultant and Dell certified.
  • Why Do You Wear Scrubs

    We’re not your typical IT company, and from the beginning we knew that a theme and image was important – IT Doctors was it, and scrubs were a natural but unique choice. Like a doctor, we’re professionals focused on overall health, well-being and always available to treat acute ailments – only for technology. The scrubs are part branding, part team reinforcement, part fun and just plain comfortable. Plus admit it, you like them too.
  • Do I Need To Make An Appointment

    No, you do not need appointments, but we do prefer them.  Call or email anytime, or stop in our office during business hours. Like we say, the IT Doctors team is always scrubbed in and ready to help.
  • Can You Recover My Data

    Yes. Even if your computer crashes, often times the data can still be recovered. Don’t panic, call us. We’ve recovered many files and memories over the years.